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The game industry booms and blooms! The all-around development of new online casinos only accelerates. New projects emerge every day, and it becomes challenging to pick one website amidst new casinos online. Moreover, not all casinos are lawful. In addition, the digital universe has yet to get rid of casino mimics. 

That is why before picking the best new online casinos that work properly in 2022, we must explain several points. Let us begin! 

What Are the Quality Criteria When You Monitor New Casinos Online?

Remember that every casino must be an official establishment (e.g Somos Casino). That means that an enterprise has undergone various tests with positive results. Still, that does not guarantee that a casino is a hub of money-doubling apparatuses that give you thousand euros for one dollar. 

The presence of necessities, afresh, does not guarantee axiomatic wins. Still, no casino is worth a second of your attention if it lacks even one element of the list. Here is what a casino must have to receive a warm welcome from the gambling community: 

1. Even the best new online casinos cannot function without official documents 

No establishment has the right to offer anything before it posts all papers about principles of functioning. Terms and conditions are minimal requirements. All other documents must be transparent in parallel. So, there must be papers that answer the maximum of potential inquiries from gamblers. 

2. New casinos online must show their certificates and licenses

Those seals of assertion are no less significant than official digital papers. Moreover, no reputable casino will hide its golden cups of approval. Like, why would the winner of ancient Greek races hide their laurel wreath of victory? So, a reputable casino never secretes its certificates. And if it does not demonstrate the licenses, the inference is apparent — there are zero seals of approval. 

3. New casinos online must be extra attentive to feedback 

Many establishments have already demonstrated their work. But even old-timers of the gambling market never neglect feedback. New casinos online, in turn, must be immensely watchful for comments. So, every new casino cannot provide gambling services until it has: 

  • A properly functioning support system (preferably, a live chat); 
  • Several ways to keep in touch (email, phone, and so on); 
  • Open accounts on social media (Instagram and Facebook are necessities, other pages are optional). 

4. New casinos online should allow complaints 

A separate webpage where you can describe an issue is a standard. Still, the transparency of the comment section suffices. If a casino deletes negative messages and conceals drawbacks, do not trust its documents. It is advisable to choose establishments that receive reviews systematically. If you see that there are many comments in one sole day, those might be bots. 

5. The best new online casinos never neglect the principles of responsible gambling 

The last point is not a necessity. Still, casinos that are for responsible gambling win over those that ignore that aspect. The connection is apparent! Casinos that respect gamblers will not lure them into spending the last cent on a slot. 

How to avoid deceivers? 

Unfortunately, many gamblers encounter liars who mimic official gambling dens professionally. The deceivers might design a distinctive homepage, even post documents. Still, some actions reveal their plan instantly. So: 

1. Contact their support 

Ask about things we have listed in the previous section. Also, do not fall for the answers momentarily. Ask the support for links that prove the lawfulness of a casino. For instance, that can be an updated ranking. 

2. Search for reviews 

Many websites exist to accumulate reviews and comments. Yet again, beware of bots! Reviewers without a PFP that spam resembling reviews in one day are robots. Be attentive to negative comments and observe how the administration of a casino reacts — if it reacts even. 

3. Analyze the deposit process 

If you notice that the website asks you to send money to a private account, close and forget it right now. Even a private entrepreneur never asks to send cash to their versatile card. That must be a separate bank account for business solely. 

Now, to the List of the Best New Online Casinos! 

1. Sportaza: ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ 

That is a casino that has been functioning for some time. Still, in contrast to other establishments, this one is young. Even though it must undergo a long path, its reputation is better than many old-timers have. 

Sportaza is mostly about sports betting, including live betting and cybersports tournaments. Notwithstanding, the website offers table games and slots from various providers. The website allows playing more than five thousand games! That makes it one of the vastest hubs of entertainment for gamblers. 

Simultaneously, every visitor can have a look at the informational component of the casino. Its transparency is exemplary. Also, it can boast a valid Antillephone License. 

Other positives are: 

  • Availability for cryptocurrency-havers; 
  • Internationality erases almost all borders; 
  • Proper support system; 
  • Several depositing methods (but not for all currencies, so be attentive to this aspect);
  • Monthly withdrawals are higher than average and can be vaster if you get a special status. 

The design is secondary, but even here the casino has shown its professionalism. The navigation is standard and convenient. There is always room for enhancement, of course. Yet, as for a young casino, Sportaza has done a lot. 

2. Rizk: ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

Another well-designed casino with clear information. Its fairness attracts all gamblers, even though the establishment targets Polish people. 

The casino could use some variety in terms of game offers. For instance, you cannot play video poker here. Also, sports betting will be for another story. Bingo is a popular game, but Rizk does not provide it. 

Nevertheless, slots, baccarat, blackjack, and other games work and let the visitors win often! And when you snatch an immense win, the casino will not set any limits. Zero restrictions on withdrawals are tempting, right? But what if we tell you that this temptation does not bring any dangers? 

This casino wins over its colleagues in many aspects. Systematic offers, zero malfunctioning, user-friendly support, and other components make it #1. Still, there are drawbacks. Mostly, they are about convenience. Unfortunately, the website is in one language solely. For Eastern Europeans that might not be an issue as Polish is non-challenging for them to comprehend. For those who do not speak Polish and other languages of the group, there might be trouble. Gladly, we live in an era that erases linguistic boundaries. So, using a translator might be a necessity, but it does not cancel top-notch gambling services. 

Overall, here are the positives: 

  • Profound work of web designers resulted in trouble-free navigation; 
  • Transparent, fair, and honest policies; 
  • Live-mode functions flawlessly; 
  • Unique rewards when you use Koła Fortuny (the Lucky Wheel); 
  • Live chat with support asks for 30 seconds to start helping you (click Obsluga Klienta for that); 
  • A tremendous variety of games for a small casino, even though some types are unavailable; 
  • Non-challenging account creation and verification. 

3. Betinia: ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

Another wise addition to the collection of your fav casinos if you are for convenience and fairness. No matter what games a gambler prioritizes, Betinia works to provide them all. So, slots, betting (including live), table games, baccarat, and so on are there for you to savor. Also, the choice of games signifies profound collaboration with many reputable companies. In parallel, the Terms and Conditions, separate policies, and FAQ are clear. The complaint’s procedure is actual, and the support system has yet to fail a gambler. Thus, Betinia is a sharp choice. 

The community should have given it five stars, but its reputation is stark in any case. Maybe, when the casino becomes an old-timer, it will boast the best rating. Even though that is yet to come, gamblers enjoy the best-loved games there without major issues. 

4. Wazamba: ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

Another shoreless scope of games that gamblers treasure. All offers have pinned terms and conditions, and all documents do not conceal even one pitfall. Given the transparency, this casino wins over many colleagues. Here are the positives in a list: 

  • A multiplicity of payment methods; 
  • Many live games for those who prefer communication with real people; 
  • The administration never neglects negative comments; 
  • Unique reward system; 
  • Clarity of information; 
  • Many gambling options; 
  • Profound and friendly design; 
  • Internationality contributes to trouble-free communication; 
  • Vast community if you want to join one. 

Of course, there is a drawback. And this drawback gorges the last star that this — honestly, stellar — casino lacks. Its withdrawal limit could be friendlier to new players. For gamblers who have been with this project since the beginning, withdrawal control is not an issue anymore. But green members must wait and play a lot to attain permission for substantial withdrawals. 

The Final Reminder 

Picking a tested and trusted casino is only a part of the job. Even reputable casinos sin by setting ridiculous rules. So, attentiveness and analytical sessions are your best friends. 

Also, do not neglect a small casino to Oblivion. Practice shows that tiny establishments tend to be cozy! And sometimes drawbacks like language boundaries disperse when you get top-notch services.

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